Friday, March 23, 2012



Spring weather has come quite early to our Michigan area and has raised many issues about planting annuals, future of fruit trees’ early blooms, tulips blossoming before Holland’s Tulip Festival in May and, of course, spring cleaning….. already???

For me, Spring is not synonymous with spring cleaning! (I tend to habitually do this year around.)  However, for those just waking after this rather short winter’s nap, your window treatments might be in need of some tender loving care.


If they are manufactured by Hunter Douglas, you are in luck as they will clean beautifully and well.  Durability and longevity are part of their design and any questions about care, cleaning, or repair are only a phone call away or feel free to contact me with questions as well.



Monday, March 19, 2012


A sunny, summery picture to fit our delightful

and unexpected warm Michigan weather lately

and also showcasing one of many new product

enhancements and features by Hunter Douglas!


The Everwood Collection of alternative wood

blinds is anything but ordinary!!  This collection of

colors include a classic palette of ten whites from

true white to elegant ecru….just in time to

brighten your windows for spring and summer!


Stop in and let us show you the excellent features

in this collection and the many other product

collections by Hunter Douglas!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Bamboo is beautiful, natural, versatile, sustainable!

Bambus by Xu Wei

It is a perennial, ornamental grass that has been part of the Asian culture for centuries and has grown in popularity around the world for a variety of uses……

woven woods

…one being my favorite, of course, the woven wood blind or bamboo blind.  Their resurgence in our eco-friendly society has delighted many a designer due to their adaptability into just about any design style…..


…..urban contemporary



woven woods

….to cottage chic and beyond!

Since the first of the year, we have seen many of our clients invite this natural, well-liked, product into their homes in a wide range of its native colors and textures. 

woven woods

…perhaps because they recognize the rich resource, perhaps because they love the “touch of nature”, perhaps because it diffuses so beautifully the grey Michigan daylight and creates a friendly buffer and backdrop against the snowy outside!!!

Myself, I love everything about the look, the feel, the source of bamboo.  I love its innovative uses in our society today and I love its folklore deeply ingrained in Asian traditions. 

So when considering window coverings next time, open your design mind to this warm and personable possibility of bamboo and let me know what you discover!

(please feel free to e-mail or post questions in comments regarding woven woods by Hunter Douglas or any window design dilemma)


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