Wednesday, November 28, 2012


2013 will be the year we captivate & control  natural light in our room’s décor!


Diffuse and soften sunlight with Silhouette® Window Shadings!


Luminescent threads of the Alustra® Woven Textures® create a distinctive  & radiant atmosphere!


Casual & relaxing sheer light control for early-rise weekdays or late-morning Sundays––Skyline® Gliding Window Panels and Designer Roller Shades!


Filtering light through Provenance® Woven Woods will quiet your décor and add a touch of nature’s element indoors!

Command the atmosphere of your room with Hunter Douglas window coverings and experience how filtering light can change absolutely everything!

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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Did you know? Boysenberry is the most important
new interior design color!


No matter how you spell it – boysenberry or boyz-n-berry or boys-and-berry, this vibrant color is off-the-charts right now, in what's new and fashionable in interior design!


 You’ll be seeing a lot of it soon, and you might just want to add some boysenberry accents to your home environment.


…According to the Color Marketing Group. 

Boysenberry is a purple shade, with a hint of red, and it looks as delicious as it sounds. Experts tell us that purple hues (like boysenberry) communicate good judgment, so it's probably a smart move to add some to your house this fall!

It’s also said that purple can provide peace of mind and a sense of calm. And, of course, purple is considered the color of royalty, so it exudes sophistication and luxury.

Even though boysenberry is bold, it can be the focal color in a room and not be overbearing. It’s also beautiful in combination with a variety of other hues. Best of all, it doesn’t clash with many colors. Try it:
• With black to create a warm and cozy look
• With cream or gold to look positively royal
• With ivory for a bleached beach look
• With soft grey for a sublime, sophisticated color scheme
• With acid green or lime green, for an touch of drama
• With emerald green and soft brown to construct a garden palette

Try adding boysenberry to your interior home scene. We think you’ll like it berry much!

Fresh Ideas For Your Home tips and photos via Hunter Douglas

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