Friday, March 27, 2015


I am generally not a pink person!  But with the arrival of Spring,  I find the color pink catches my eye more than usual in interior design.  Perhaps because I am emerging from winter’s grey & white landscape that pink appeals so inviting and enticing…like a giant cupcake after dieting!

pink flowers

Spring issues of home decorating magazines and web sites explode with the fresh, fluffy shade and rightly so!  It has been a long winter and our eyes need refreshment!

pink window seat 2

Pink is often paired with white for that sweet, fresh look!

Pink Balloon Shade

Soft and soothing!

Pink Drapery

But when paired with brown or beige, it becomes very sophisticated!

pink drapery in mirror

More intense shades are so inviting and glamorous when accompanied with gold accents!

pink drapery 2

Pink evokes smiles and a sense of serenity!

pink and coral

Look at this touch of coral with pink! Stately touches of glass and gold! Oh my!

pink shutters

So even if you are not a “pink” person, let the freshness of this color invade your life for a season.  Spring is such a short time after all!


Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding your window treatment dilemmas!


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