Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach, Babies & Summer Sunsets!

"Beach sand, perfect tans. Day walks, night talks. Sleepless nights, pillow fights & spending every day with those who matter most!"

I am positive that I will not be alone when I say, "Where has this summer gone?" Next week will hail in the beginning of August and mark the close of our Michigan summer season. I've been immersed in slow, lazy summer living and haven't even bothered blogging (as I have noticed has been the case with many of my blogger friends). It is break time, after, change in the usual routines, time to enjoy the opportunity of Michigan's out-of -doors in warmth and sunshine and we sure have had plenty of that, haven't we?

Hopefully, you have had a chance to view at least one or two of the gorgeous northern Michigan sunsets this season or at least stayed at the Lake Michigan shoreline until the day's end to drink in the beauty of the magnificent and dramatic display the sun provides as it disappears below the horizon.

Frankly, I haven't had the chance to do many of the pastimes I treasure most as business has claimed much of my attention. I have seen many of you in my store and have heard similar comments, yet we are all grateful for the business our clients bring us during these tight times. Cottages, vacations, grandchildren, parades, fireworks, ice cream and watermelon still have managed to squeeze themselves in thankfully and there is still some time left for those of us who haven't quite had our fill.

So, forgive me if I don't have anything design-worthy to say at this time as the summer has claimed my brain and pulled my attentions else-where and this wonderful dilema will continue at least for a month I hope it will for you! See you in September!

"Summer love - midnight kisses - shooting stars - secret wishes! The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever!"

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