Saturday, June 4, 2011

“In Our Dreams” Second Home…

Homestead-sleeping bear dunes

Nestled up in the heart of Northern Michigan along Lake Michigan’s breathtaking Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore is a resort we lovingly (however, not legally) call our second home.  The Homestead Fresh Water Resort is our “little piece of heaven.”  A casual, laid back, relaxing coastal resort that we not only love to vacation at…but appreciatively assist in designing window coverings for.

Homestead activities

Homestead spacerWe have spent summers swimming and sunning when the boys were growing up and winters skiing and drinking hot chocolate.  We have tended to their window treatments as well as enjoyed their gracious hospitality in this marvelous “pinky” area of the Michigan mitten.

Homestead accommodations

Every accommodation we have had, whether by the lapping waters of the lake front or high in the forested dunes of the Hawk’s Nest, has provided an experience we relive and relive for years to come.

Homestead realestate_community

We cannot really call it “work” when we are installing window coverings for the Homestead especially when being surrounded by such soothing natural beauty!

Homestead hawksnest 1223341908

I know this sounds like a travelogue, but I have been freshly reminded of our Northern Michigan treasure recently as we are once again joyously assisting them with window coverings and will have yet another opportunity to gaze across “Michigami” as the Ojibwa referred to the “great water”.  As the Homestead says, “If heaven’s full, this is a great second choice!”


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

What an absolutely magical place and how splendid that your work should take you there time and time again.

Once discovered, we do know, it is very easy to become 'possessive', in the nicest possible way, of such places and one does find oneself dreaming of living in them.

The Shade Shop, Inc. said...

That is very certain of this wonderful area of Michigan! It also is host to many Michigan wineries which can be a very tasty road trip in itself!!!

Maison de lin said...


This looks magical!



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