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violets2“Surely as cometh the winter, I know there are spring violets under the snow” R.H. Newell

Remember a few months back when I mentioned that it seemed ch-ch-ch-changes were happening everywhere we turned….with people, with places, with products? Some good, some bad….all just a part of everyday life but difficult to keep up with all the same, especially when they come quickly and unexpectedly. Remember the penguins in the animated movie Madagascar? “Just smile and wave boys. Just smile and wave!” February is a tough month psychologically anyway let alone when changes leaves me frayed & frazzled. So I offer this wonderful little thought to all of you who are also facing a difficult change:Screen_shot_2011-02-03_at_7_00_15_PMThink spring too!!!!

A good change has been made by Huntdesignstudio01aer Douglas and is in answer to the new child safety measures taking place in the window covering industry. On each product that is appropriate and on their new line of roman shades, Design Studio, the exposed cords on the back of the shade are encased in a “shroud” that eliminates the possibility of children pulling it a dangerous distance from the shade and looping it over their heads.

cord is encased in a safety shroudThey have also made this change on their Provenance woven wood products. Their Vignette Modern Roman Shade line (shown below) has always been manufactured with a completely covered backside (being shown on the left) avoiding access to the lifting cords and giving it a more appealing appearance from the outside!!!


Remember…. “curb appeal” ladies!!!

shades from outside2


To read more about this new safety standard read the following article by Interior Designer Deb Barrett

Window Covering Safety and the New Standards


The ANSI/ WCMA Standard Defined HERE

To keep up to date on the standards and how it might affect you business, Click HERE

Download my Questions Every Pro Should Ask about the Standard HERE

Download Tips for Consumers

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