Saturday, August 27, 2011


I know this seems a tad early to say……but we are looking at the back side of 2011.   Before you know it….you guessed it…2012 will be knocking at the door.

The current 2011 design trend in colors will spill over into the new year with tweaked hues and individual flairs but I would venture to say, we will maintain our current tendency of creating comfy, casual living spaces to sooth our harried lives and to share with friends while entertaining.


Natural woven products like the Provenance Woven Texture Shades of organic materials are certainly here to stay and when paired with the marvelous textures and prints of the wide variety of environmental friendly fabric, we have a sassy, classy duo!


Silk fabric is another time tested winner that transcends decades of trends and keeps coming out on top.

Silk Drapery

This year the embroidered silks took the fabric industry by storm…….so much so that we were finding it difficult to locate “a plain ‘ol solid color” in (my favorite) tussah silk.  Along with cotton fabric (of the eco-friendly variety), I consider silk “green” and of low eco-impact.  Besides, I am so very tired of polyester I could scream!  I am sure other designers out there share this same  maddening dilemma!!!


I am always on the look out for a “real” linen fabric as well.  You know the one – made of “real” flax fibers and dyed with organic dyes. 

organic fabric

I imagine with more designers demanding “purity” of fabric, we will be able to locate these desirable weaves more readily.  Yes, they do have their flaws and drawbacks, but they are REAL!!!!  And in this current world of  knock-offs and synthetics, REAL seems refreshing!

The older I get, the more REAL I like things……….well, the REAL older body is a bit hard to take…….but I’m adjusting!


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Yes, we know exactly what you mean about the 'real deal' and admit that we are fond of natural fibres when decorating. Just recently, we seem to have used a variety of French Ticking and Irish Linen and having a talented upholsterer in Budapest is such a wonderful benefit.

Can one ever tire of cream silk? We think not!!

The Shade Shop, Inc. said...

Yes, friends! Pure, real, authentic, natural, nothing short of, one hundred percent, wholesome warp and weft! I don't think it's too much to ask...... :) Also, "Brighton" sounds delicious!!!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

My own bedroom is swathed in floral linen. My favourite fabric. Well, one of my favourites. I adore gorgeous textiles... more than chocolate.

The Shade Shop, Inc. said...

Thank you, Pamela for the comment, however late I am in responding! I've been "out of touch" for a few days and so appreciated coming back to see your post! I too adore fabric of all kinds but if you tempted me with white chocolate.......I might cave! Thank you, again!


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