Friday, September 9, 2011



NOOOOOOOO, this isn’t about LADY GAGA………but it is an attention getter!!!! 

(By the way, don’t you think she is quite attractive without all the publicity makeup?)


I had no sooner posted my LAST blog blurb when I received a

delightful box at my back door containing none other

than… guessed it…..Au Naturel fabrics by Carole

(which, I am sure you know, is owned by Hunter Douglas!!!!)


I have snapped my own photos so the colors are

poor  however, these are a truly must see cotton and linen,

neutral palette of  colors, and marvelous tactile sensation!

 Carole closeup

Of course, CAROLE FABRICS  do have the

fun and spirited

cotton blends as well as the polyester blends……


and a SALE! 

Carole Panel_A_ppage9211



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Wonderful fabrics, especially those, we think, in all of those neutral, oatmeal, dirty white shades. We should have no difficulty placing them alongside our Farrow and Ball 'Lime White' paint which is not dissimilar when seen in so many changing lights at different times of day.

The Shade Shop, Inc. said...

So good to hear from you! Unfortunately, my photos did not due the fabric justice, however, you imagined the correct shades anyway! Of course, I hurried to Farrow and Ball to peek at your wall color and that is a lovely shade of white which loves to play tricks in the light. But I love that!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


How delightful to meet you today! Thank you for your kind comment and your wares are just LOVELY!!!! Oh how I need a pair of linen Roman shades for my dining room, but now is not the time. I should shop in YOUR store to get some ideas!!!! THANK YOU, Anita

The Shade Shop, Inc. said...

I am so pleased I ran across your is so heartfelt and touching of every emotion. Expressions of the soul's depth I could not even begin to find words for!!


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