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Whether square, triangle, round, large, small, medium, plastic, metal, or any color under the sun, this trendy drapery statement can be found in just about every design magazine on the market.


Grommet drapery closeup

This grommet craze, of course, didn’t begin with draperies!  The first record of a “ring or wreath of rope” from the French “gromette” dates back to 1626.  However the first recorded “metal eyelet” dates to 1769.   Grommets today are used all over the world from shoes and clothes to electrical and nautical applications, and….wonderfully…..for draperies! 

grommet outdoor draperies

Now with the application of outdoor finishes to drapery hardware, this grommet trend has “moved” its clean look and simplistic flare to porches, patios, gazebos and all types of sunrooms.  


It’s a style that lends itself well to a variety of decors and its natural wave-like pattern is soothing aesthetically and displays fabric beautifully. 


The latest for interior use of this ringed drapery has been the invention of a new drapery rod which enables traversing of a grommet drapery!



Isn’t this cool????  No more “flinging” the drapery across the rod and eventually tearing that front grommet loose from the fabric!    It uses a beaded cord pull system but comes only split draw (which is its only draw back – no pun intended!)



See how cleverly it mounts into each clip for the seemingly easiest “movement” of a grommet drapery you’ll ever have.

Confession time………I have never used this product!

However, in my defense of writing about something I know nothing about, I have used many contraptions  drapery rods and it does appear for some applications this clip rod would traverse a grommet drapery smoothly and evenly with virtually no fabric contact!  It seems like an excellent answer to problems encountered when using grommets draperies on tall windows or covering large expanses……

Question time……… Has anyone ever used this or something like it?  Feedback is always appreciate and I would love to hear about your experiences, good or bad, and pass it along so we can all benefit from it’s use or save ourselves from calamity!!

Anyway….it seems like one answer, but as H.L. Mencken said, “for every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple,……and wrong!”

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