Monday, April 4, 2011


No, I am not going psychological on you.  I wouldn’t touch the human psychic with a ten foot pole!  I am talking about our relationship with the spring tension roller shade………….we all know it!  Its been around long enough that all of us, even the great ol’ wise designing wizards, will bow their shaking heads and sigh. 

Margaux3 photo

We love it for its simplicity and hate it for its temperamental operation.   We love it’s clean lines. We hate that it won’t stop where we want.  We love no pull cords.  We hate bumping the spring and  trying to wind it with a fork.   See this picture above….how evenly they line up?   …….one chance in a million!! !! I should have played the lotto that day!

Margaux 4 photo-shade

I have seen this seemingly innocent apparatus unleash the wildest fury in men and bring women weeping and sobbing into my store.  Its touchy spring and lightening quick release has scared the beegeebees out of people in the middle of the night and provided countless hours of entertainment for little hands who delight in seeing how long they can pull it down and how quickly it retracts once they let go!  I don’t know who invented the roller shade spring but I guarantee he/she is still rolling in their grave with laughter!


I for one love the roller shade (as well I had better) because it is simple, has clean lines, makes a statements with or without the accompaniment of a drapery or valance, and most importantly, I am not particular as to where it stops on the window, which extricates most of the aggravation with this product.  We ol’ wise ones (those of us who have worked through the “beating them on the ground” stage) have acquired a Zen-like understanding of the inner workings of these critters…….the secret lies with “the dogs”!  The little “paws” that drop onto the pinwheel of a spring to stop or release its erratic motion.  Stop in sometime and I’ll give you a glimpse into my crystal ball of roller shade secrets.  You’ll be amazed at how easy they are to conquer!

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Julie Khuu said...

Totally agreed! When in doubt, shade it out :D
My clients lovelovelove roller shades...Function and keeps the kiddies busy for hours on end...Well said!

Thanks for sharing!


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