Sunday, May 1, 2011

BEAUTY….Inside and Out!

What a glorious day in West Michigan.  Magnolias are bursting forth and I ventured out and planted creeping phlox and lavender in my flower boxes……just because I HAD to get my fingers in the dirt!!!
The soil smelled so rich and the lavender so fragrant
Lavender & Phlox 2
I know it’s early and always a gamble here in our climate zone as we know we could receive more cold, snowy weather……but today I was willing to risk!
It’s been a week of focusing  on spring from all angles; not only weather and flowers but fabrics and new window treatment products from Hunter Douglas.
This week started in the windy city – Chicago!  I love it!!!!!!!  Unfortunately, we did not stay in the downtown area (which kept me from spending too much money shopping on Michigan Ave.).  We  stayed out in the west suburbs at the Chicago Westin Northwest.  Superb hotel and superb dining!
One of the most exciting products shown this weekend was the Silhouette and the new sheer shading fabrics due to be introduced this May.  This Silhouette fabric has a dupioni silk appearance that is absolutely elegant in color and texture!
We all love the beautiful way it softens light entering through the window.  It’s not only beautiful….but smart too!!  By providing ultraviolet protection, reflecting solar heat, it’s a perfect marriage of function and aesthetics. 
Layerings%20Hunter%20Douglas Silhouette
There is so much too share…….but this is it for now because, you know, it is just tooooooo beeeeeautiful of a day outside.  I keep glancing over my shoulder to the window and nature’s sunshine is beckoning.  I can always blog later….when it’s raining.  Please stop by to see me and let me tell you more!
“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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Anna K Donahue said...

Great photos and love your insights.


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