Friday, May 13, 2011

La Vie En……Lavender et Phlox!

I have been meaning to post for days… know the feeling when you have so much you want to share but NO time!!!!  I am glad things are so busy in our lives…. don’t get me wrong, it is just that I feel I am neglecting my blogger friends with my silence. 

Lavender in flower box

I would like to share that my “gamble” to plant my flower boxes early did pay off as (to date) we have not had any extremely cold weather to harm my “preciousssss” (as Gollum would say).

phlox in flower box

Today was an pleasantly warm day here for us time of year and the phlox and lavender are thriving!!!

Anyway, this will be short and sweet!  Very sweet, really as below are tantalizing  fabric samples of the new Hunter Douglas Luminette  Modern Draperies! 


Marvelous colors and textures!


Dramatic design statement!




With new hardware selections in very sophisticated tones to finish off this spectacular look!


You simply must stop by to see this collection and soon we hope to get our display sample up to really impress!!!  However, in the meantime…. you can stop by to check out my flower boxes and share a cup of tea or coffee with me.  I’d love that too!!

“Happiness is a journey not a destination.” - Souza


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Your plants seem to be doing amazingly well and so your gamble appears to have paid off.

The fabrics are lovely but what we like especially are the large, bold curtain poles. In our view, too often people put up skimpy poles which fail to make a definitive statement.

Enjoy your weekend. You have, happily, missed out on the Blogger fiasco of the 11th.

Maison de lin said...


Beautiful blogspot and plants!

Thanks for your last comment.

Greetings from Belgium


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